Teaching Elders with a Congregation:

Anderson, Paul  (pastor), Poland Presbyterian Church (Poland, Ohio).

Aull, Donald (interim pastor), Westminster Presbyterian Church (Boardman, Ohio).

Black, David R. (pastor), Calvary Presbyterian Church (Warren, Ohio) & Covenant Presbyterian Church (Warren, Ohio), Presbytery Council.

Bowald, Larry (pastor), Canfield Presbyterian Church (Canfield, Ohio)                         Resource Committee.

Bryant, Lynn (interim pastor) New Covenant Community Church, Akron, Ohio), Committee on Ministry.

Cowden, Russell (pastor), First Presbyterian Church (Warren, Ohio)                  Administrative Ministry Committee.

Cramer, Meta (pastor), First Presbyterian Church (Salem, Ohio)                                 Committee on Ministry.

Crossland, Stephanie (pastor) Northminster Presbyterian Church (Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio)  Permanent Judicial Commission.

Dockstader, Deborah (pastor), First Presbyterian Church (Girard, Ohio)                       Resource Committee. 

Dutton, Bonnie (stated supply), First Presbyterian Church (Niles, Ohio)                Committee on Ministry.

Fischer, Frances (temp stated supply), Allenside  Presbyterian Church (Akron, Ohio) & Firestone Park Presbyterian Church (Akron, Ohio)                                                               Presbytery Council, Committee on Preparation for Ministry.

Francis, Susan (pastor), Kinsman Presbyterian Church (Kinsman, Ohio)                     Resource Committee.

Goetz, Herb (pastor), North Benton Presbyterian Church (North Benton, Ohio) Presbytery Council.  

Griffeth, Carolyn (interim pastor), United Presbyterian Church (Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio).

Hauerwas, Jonathan (pastor), Westminster Presbyterian Church (Akron, Ohio).

Joy, Juliann (pastor), Petersburg Presbyterian Church (Petersburg, Ohio) & (stated supply) Clarkson Presbyterian Church (Rogers, Ohio), Committee on Ministry, Permanent Judicial Committee.

Kahnt, Rebecca (pastor), First Presbyterian Church (Youngstown, Ohio)                       

Lapehn, Richard (pastor), First Presbyterian Church (Barberton, Ohio)                   Nominations & Representation Committee, Permanent Judicial Commission.

Meadows, Aaron (pastor), Presbyterian Church of Kent (Kent, Ohio)                         Nominations & Representation Committee, Synod Delegate.

Medford, Matt (pastor), First Presbyterian Church (Hubbard, Ohio)                         Administrative Ministry Committee.

Milton, Richard “Jamie” (pastor), First Presbyterian Church (Mineral Ridge, Ohio) Presbytery Council, Presbytery Moderator.

Nash, Reford (honorably retired, temporary stated supply) Goodyear Heights Presbyterian Church (Akron, Ohio).

Nelson, Fritz (pastor), First Presbyterian Church (Columbiana, Ohio)                            Resource Committee.

Nutt, Brian (pastor), Oak Hill Presbyterian Church (Akron, Ohio).

Pennington, Terra (pastor), North Springfield Presbyterian Church (Akron, Ohio)

Radcliff, Martin (pastor), Sebring Presbyterian Church (Sebring, Ohio)                   Presbytery Council, Committee on Ministry Moderator. 

Stelle, Steve (stated supply), Champion Presbyterian Church (Akron, Ohio).

Stroble, Kristin (pastor), Heritage Presbyterian Church (Poland, Ohio)                             Council, Committee on Preparation for Ministry.

Roseman, Esther Sue (stated supply),  First Presbyterian Church of Hudson (Hudson, Ohio), Administrative Ministry Committee.

Ruppert, Mark (pastor), The Vine Fellowship Church (Copley, Ohio)                         Committee on Ministry.

Thompson, Mark A. (pastor), Christ Presbyterian Church (Youngstown, Ohio) & Wickliffe Presbyterian Church (Youngstown, Ohio).

Teaching Elders Outside a Congregation:

Tweddle, Matthew Scott                    Chaplain, Akron Children’s Hospital.

Ulrich, Cathy                                              General Presbyter, Stated Clerk, Council. 

Teaching Elders Members-at-Large:

Douglass, Jan

Garrison, Roman

Hrach, R. Joseph

Shriver, David 

Wan-Tatah, Victor

Teaching Elders Honorably Retired:

Banner, Ray Jr. 

Barney, Marvin, Resource Committee

Betteridge, William

Cerra, Debra

Fruit, Richard

Hasler, Richard

Hutchison, Alan

Jackson, Ross, Permanent Judicial Commission. 

Joachim, David

Lowery, Janet

Mager, Nick Jr., Moderator-Hungarian Presbyterian Church

Ray, James

Rutan, Moss

 Schomer, Dan

Shakley, Albert

Spear, Donald

Whitcomb, Alice F.

Wilds, Mark

Ziem, Christine

Commissioned Ruling Elders:

Judith Bender, Vienna Presbyterian Church(Vienna, Ohio)                                            Presbytery Council, Resource Committee.

Dr John "Bob" Loch, Liberty Presbyterian Church (Youngstown, Ohio)                           Committee on Preparation for Ministry.