Committee on Preparation for Ministry

Moderator:  The Rev. Francie Fischer


  • Identifying and actively seeking out persons in the Presbytery who would be prime candidates for Teaching Elders, Missionaries and Church Educators, and Commissioned Ruling Elders, and encouraging them to consider a church vocation. Planning and conducting annual consultations for inquirers and candidates in a retreat setting.

  • Nurturing candidates during their preparation, including appointing one or more teaching elders or ruling elders living within a reasonable distance from a prospective candidate to be the liaison(s) between the candidate and the CPM.

  • Providing a final review of a candidate's preparation and work prior to ordination.

  • Insuring that all official forms, documentation and paperwork shall be maintained by the Moderator of the Committee in a secure location in the Presbytery Office.

  • Keeping an up-to-date Overview as an appendix to this Manual. In addition, the CPM will be a separate Appendix to the Manual of Operations.

Documents:  CPM Manual of Operations,  Elder Preaching Institute Registration