About Us

Mission Statement

"The Eastminster Presbytery gathers its congregations into a covenant partnership marked by faith, hope, love trust, and witness to Jesus Christ to assist in creating and nurturing Christian leaders for the current and emerging Presbyterian congregations of our five counties in northeast Ohio."


Core Values

Core values are central to the Presbytery's work. Conversations led by the Presbytery Mission Design Team have addressed our values as a Presbytery, and we understand that all our actions should consciously take these into account, while constantly remembering that we are a connectional church:

  • Honor the witness of the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ
  • The Word of God rightly preached
  • The Sacraments rightly celebrated
  • Nurture of congregations and pastors
  • Willingness to be accountable to God and one another
  • Empower the missional witness of the church

Presbytery Staff and Officers

General Presbyter & Stated Clerk     Rev. Cathy Ulrich                                              479-461-4042

Business Administrator                     Diane Eliser                                                       330-505-2167

Moderator                                                       Rev. Jamie Milton                                                     330-652-5712

Vice Moderator                                         Elder Carol Gesacion

Presbytery Council Chair                               Elder Chet Cooper

Treasurer                                                      Elder Brian Williams