Committee on Ministry

Moderator:  The Rev. Martin Radcliff


  • Visiting and consulting with each congregation's teaching elder(s), teaching elder(s) in special ministries, and session once every two years. 
  • Acting on information concerning difficulties within a church and serving as an instrument for promoting the peace and harmony of the church.
  • Visiting and counseling with Pastor Nominating Committees.
  • Counseling with churches without a Pastor.
  • Assisting and counseling with Pastors in the relocation process.
  • Examining all candidates seeking membership in the Presbytery prior to ordination.
  • Examining all ordained teaching elders seeking membership in the Presbytery.
  • Welcoming, orienting, and providing mentors for teaching elders new to the Presbytery.
  • Providing opportunities for fellowship and support among professional colleagues.
  • Keeping an up-to-date Overview as an appendix to this Manual. In addition, the COM will be a separate Appendix to the Manual of Operations. 

When necessary between meetings of the Presbytery, the Committee on Ministry has the authority to:

  • Find in order calls issued by churches.
  • Approve and present calls for services of teaching elders.
  • Approve the examination of teaching elders transferring from other Presbyteries for membership.
  • Dissolve the pastoral relationship in cases where the teaching elder and congregation concur, and dismiss teaching elders to other Presbyteries. 

Review of 2017 Session Minutes

Documents:  Pulpit Supply; Annual Terms of Call; Administrative Commission to Install