Administrative Ministry Committee

Moderator:  Elder John Pogue


  • Receiving, holding encumbering, managing, and transferring property, real or personal, subject to the direction and authority of Presbytery.
  • Receiving and recommending to the Presbytery any requested action for the acquisition, disposal, encumbrance or leasing of the real property of any particular church.
  • Reviewing the budget expenditures regularly and reporting these to the Council as a Financial Report.
  • Reporting to the Presbytery annually the assets and financial status of the Presbytery. A full financial review of all financial books and records shall be conducted every year by a public accountant or committee of members versed in accounting procedures.
  • Reviewing and maintaining the adequacy of the insurance for all Presbytery owned and managed property.
  • Receiving and reviewing the status of incorporation, property deeds, insurance coverage and annual financial reviews of all the Presbytery's congregations. 
  • Reviewing and reporting the status of all mortgages and loans of particular congregations and the Presbytery.
  • Coordinating with the Committee on Ministry the purchase or sale of manses.
  • Implementing and overseeing all provisions of the Personnel Policies of the Presbytery. 
  • Reviewing annually the work of all Presbytery staff and the Stated Clerk.
  • Keeping an up-to-date Overview as an appendix to the Manual of Operations.

Documents:  2015 Financial Audit, Mission Pledge Form